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Victim Assistance Services of Oxford County is dedicated to providing confidential, emotional support, practical assistance and community referrals to victims of crime, tragic circumstances and disaster. Specially trained Victim Assistance Services volunteers are available 24 hours a day to empower individuals to reestablish control and begin the healing process.

Crisis assistance is given by specially trained community volunteers who are on call to all police, in Oxford county 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On consent of the victim, the attending emergency personnel call on the volunteers to render whatever emotional support or practical assistance is needed. The people assisted may be victims of any crime including: spousal abuse, sexual assault, robbery and theft family members of homicide, suicide, accident victims and/or fire victims.

In addition to emotional support, volunteers may provide practical assistance to the victim such as help cleaning up, making phone calls or other arrangements on request. If the victim is identified as having longer term needs, the volunteers will provide information and referral options for further assistance.

Objectives of volunteers for Victim Assistance Services of Oxford County
  • to lessen the trauma of being victimized
  • to help the victim cope with the impact of crime and/or tragic circumstance
  • to facilitate the victim in accessing appropriate support services in our community
  • to allow police officers the freedom to investigate or respond to additional calls by caring for the victim's emotional and practical needs
  • to provide an opportunity for the community to become more involved in dealing with the effects of crime and mobilizing crime prevention in their area
  • to educate and promote victim assistance in our community
  • to encourage victims to connect with other services that provide, counseling, financial assistance, housing compensation, medical or legal services.
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